SLC15A4 peptide


Antigenic peptide from SLC15A4, a membrane bound histidine/oligopeptide transporter involved in autoimmunity

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Catalogue number crb1200375
Antibody Anti-SLC15A4 antibody
Antigen Peptide SLC15A4 peptide
Protein ID UniProtKB - Q8N697
Aliases Solute carrier family 15 member 4, Peptide transporter 4, Peptide/histidine transporter 1, hPHT1
Cross-Reactivity Human
Storage -20°C

Griffith, A., Zaidi, A., Pietro, A., Hadiono, M., Yang, J., Davis, R. and Popkin, D. (2018). A requirement for slc15a4 in imiquimod-induced systemic inflammation and psoriasiform inflammation in mice. Sci Rep, 8(1). PMID: 30262916


Kobayashi, T., Tsutsui, H., Shimabukuro-Demoto, S., Yoshida-Sugitani, R., Karyu, H., Furuyama-Tanaka, K., Ohshima, D., Kato, N., Okamura, T. and Toyama-Sorimachi, N. (2017). Lysosome biogenesis regulated by the amino-acid transporter SLC15A4 is critical for functional integrity of mast cells. Int Immunol, 29(12), 551-566. PMID: 29155995


Yamashita, T., Shimada, S., Guo, W., Sato, K., Kohmura, E., Hayakawa, T., Takagi, T. and Tohyama, M. (1997). Cloning and Functional Expression of a Brain Peptide/Histidine Transporter. J Biol Chem, 272(15), 10205-10211. PMID: 9092568

Specificity Protein
Solute carrier family member 15A4 (SLC15A4) is a lysosome-resident, proton-coupled histidine/oligopeptide transporter that has 12 membrane-spanning regions. SLC15A4 is expressed in haematopoietic lineage cells, including dendritic cells and B-cells, where it transports certain amino acids and oligopeptides to the cytosol, along with a proton from the inside of the late endosome/lysosome. SLC15A4 is critical for the production of type I interferon (IFN-I). SLC15A4’s transporter activity is required to optimize pH and other conditions required for signalling in the late endosomes/lysosomes as well as in specialised lysosomes know as secretory granules present in mast cells. SLC15A4-mediated regulation of signalling in these compartments is an integral part of innate immune responses and may play a role in autoimmune diseases.

SLC15A4 peptide

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